Charles Street and 29th Street

West Sidewalk - Looking Northeast

Charles Street and Art Museum Drive

East Sidewalk - Looking Northwest

Charles Street and 33rd Street

Southwest Median - Looking North

Charles Street and 34th Street

East Sidewalk - Looking Northwest

Charles Street and University Parkway

West Sidewalk - Looking South

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Charles Street Animation
May 11, 2011

At the request of Johns Hopkins University, RK&K prepared a video animation of the Charles Street project as an aid to understanding the visual elements of the completed project. This representation begins with a camera panning the locations noted below, then pausing on a specific view, and then the graphic rendering appears showing proposed construction, street-scape, and enhancements suggested by JHU. Note that 1% for Art and the Trolley are only shown at 33rd Street. This depiction is offered for information purposes only and is subject to further refinements by Baltimore City DOT. It is an artistic representation of the physical features of the proposed reconstruction of Charles Street.

29th Street
Art Museum Drive
33d Street
34th Street (still images only)
University Parkway